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Friday, April 13, 2007

Singh Is King

Making a Tiger Face

Friday, December 08, 2006

SAMELAN 2005!!!

We always have camps running throughout the year. These occur mostly during the period of June and December. Here are some pictures of last year's December samelan. Every camp has its own essence and fun. For more pictures, visit http://singhsabha.org/CMS/index.php?option=com_rsgallery&Itemid=57.

Rajveer Singh presenting a participant with a gift.

Our medic. He was so well-liked among the female participants that every hour, there will be someone or other reporting sick to him. Picture says a thousand words. Haha!!!

Sewa (selfless service) of washing the dishes. We wanted to inculcate the importance of doing sewa to the participants. Every day, there will be a duty Jatha (group) to do the sewa. Jasdeep Singh (in blue) is sure having alot of fun doing sewa.

Rajvir Singh conducting a meditation class for the participants.

Everyone in deep attention.

And there are some who are just too tired and drained out after a few days. Participant in orange is napping with head done.

And no samelan is complete without GOOD FOOD!!! Some sewadars sitting in pangat. (I am in the orange bana almost at the end of the line.)

Doing langgar sewa.

Participants enjoying the food and having fun chatting.

Four female sewadars enjoying a good meal after a long day. (From left: Mansimran Kaur, Sukhjeet Kaur, Maanprit Kaur & Manprit Kaur (Manno))

Arvinderpal Singh (in blue) and Arvin Singh (in white). My 2 best buddies, friends, brothers. Best fun with them in samelan.

Praji Jasbir Singh at the harmonium with Amrit Kaur at the tabla. Having an inspirational session with the kids.

Arvinderpal Singh in deep thoughts on how to improve the samelan and have it more fun for the kids. He thinks best only with a lollipop in his mouth.

We had a colouring session for the kids. Here, even the Gurdwara Giani was very much interested and engrossed in colouring.

Langgar time!!! I am sure very happy with the food. Rajwinder Singh (in red) posing to feed Rajvir Singh (in white). This is all camera drama.

Phenji Sokhdep Kaur stirring the food in the kitchen. It sure takes alot of energy cooking food for 200 people.

Food tasting competition. Participants at this station were blind-folded and given 5 different foods to taste. They have to identify the correct food after tasting. Participant with most correct guesses wins.

This was roti-making competition. The kids had to design their own roti of any shapes. Best roti won.

Pritpal Singh (Manno's brother), our logistics I/C for the camp. As you can see, he is equipping the loud hailer with batteries.

Arvin Singh (my very good friend and brother) with Phenji Param Kaur. Very dedicated sewadars. Phenji Param is very good with the kids. She can handle all the kids by herself sometimes.

Sukhdev Singh; our discipline master. He can really tell you off in a nice way. (That was a positive comment. Works really well for the mischevious kids.)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When Yogi Ji Passed

When Yogi Ji passed away, I went back to Espanola for one week.
Manno found a picture of me when the ashes came back to the ranch.
Sitting next to Shanti Ji.

Brought back all the memories.

Sat nam.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sher E Punjab Bhangra Crew - Part of my Life.

These guys and girls mean alot to me. They are a part of my life.

Chardi Kalla Jatha

They inspire me.

From left:

Hari Mander Jot Singh Khalsa (On the table) , Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa & Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa

Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Pictures of Summer Solstice 2006

Having ice cream after our trip up and down the Jemez mountain.

An pld piano at the "You Kill, We Grill" restaurant.

Bhangra performance at Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa and Guru Dass Kaur Khalsa's wedding reception. From left to right: Jasdeep, Hari Mander, Jasbir and Me.

Up in the Jemez mountain.

All dressed and happy. Just outside the Gurdwara after Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa and Guru Dass Kaur Khalsa'a wedding.

A group photo after 3 days of White Tantric Yoga at Summer Solstice 2006. It was very refreshing.

Working very hard at Ancient Healing Ways at Summer Solstice 2006.

Ostriches at the Ranch, Yogi Ji's home.

Jasdeep, Jasbir and Myself at the Ranch.

Meditating during the Jaap Sahib course. Beside me on my left is Jagat Guru Singh Khalsa and Rajveer Singh Khalsa.


This is a true story which happened in the States.

A man came out of his home to admire his new truck.

To his puzzlement, his three-year-old son was happily hammering dents into the shiny paint of the truck.

The man ran to his son, knocked him away, hammered the little boy's hands into pulp as punishment.

When the father calmed down, he rushed his son to the hospital. Although the doctor tried desperately to save the crushed bones, he finally had to amputate the fingers from both the boy's hands.

When the boy woke up from the surgery & saw his bandaged stubs, he innocently said, " Daddy, I'm sorry about your truck." Then he asked, "but when are my fingers going to grow back?"

The father went home & committed suicide.

Think about this story the next time someone steps on your feet or u wish to take revenge. Think first before u lose your patience with someone you love. Trucks can be repaired. Broken bones & hurt feelings often can't.

Too often we fail to recognize the difference between the person and the performance. We forget that forgiveness is greater than revenge.

People make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever.

Pause and ponder. Think before you act. Be patient. Forgive & forget. Love one and all.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. -- Mother Teresa

If you don’t see God in all, you won’t see god at all. – Yogi Bhajan

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Power and Effects of the Daily Banis

Japji Sahib: This bani controls one's "ji," one's soul. When your ji, your being, is endangered, when the radiance of your soul is weak, recite Japji. GuruNanak said that the thirty-eight pauris of Japji would liberate the humanity from the cycles of birth and death.

Shabad Hazare: This is the highest love letter by a disciple, written by Arjan to Guru Ram Das. Its gift is that it gives the benefits of a thousand shabads,and one's soul will merge directly with God. It makes the separated ones come home with grace. One who recites this shabad will never be separated fromtheir beloved.

Jaap Sahib: The naad of Jaap Sahib rouses the soul and the self of the Being. "Sahib" also means grace. Recite it when your position is endangered, orwhen your authoritative personality is weak. This bani brings grace and greatness. It will also give you the ability that, whatever people say, you willautomatically be able to compute what they are actually saying. Once you are able to recite it correctly, it will give you the power, the siddhi, that whateveryou say must happen. Man can direct God, and God can direct man. Guru Gobind Singh recited Jaap Sahib so we won't become beggars at the doors ofothers.

Tavprasad Swaye: This bani was spoken by Guru Gobind Singh. When you are not getting any satisfaction out of life, this is the bani to recite.

Anand Sahib: Whoever recites the forty pauris of Anand Sahib will have endless bliss, because the Guru is limitless. In this bani, mind and body areexplained in relation to cosmic divinity. Guru Amar Das gave us the song of bliss, which is Anand Sahib, to qualify the mind and to understand the depth.For husband and wife to get together, recite it together, alternating sutras (lines).

Rehiras Sahib: This bani is recited after one has worked and is tired. It adds energy (raa-hu) to one's being, to one's total concept. Also, recite it whenyour principle worldly wealth is endangered. In naad, reh means live, and raas means commodity, so Rehiraas means living commodity. Rehiras Sahibhelps you when you are physically weak, or weak in money, property and earthly goods.

Kirtan Sohila: This bani is done before sleep at night. It is the most harmonious naad ever uttered. It multiplies the aura to the sensitivity of protection thatit eliminates any negativity for miles and miles. When you are endangered by any species of direct or indirect source, and when you want to protectyourself with the surrounding of the entire magnetic field of the earth, recite Kirtan Sohila.

Word Definitions Rehansbhai - Continual repetition of GurbaniNaad - The essence of all soundsGurbani - A perfect combination of sounds related to all the 5 elements in complete balanceBani - That which ??? on the Naad and is balanced

One who knows the naad knows the Aad, which is God.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru, and it contains the Guru. What is the Guru? It is the formula for experiencing one's own divinity. Siri Guru GranthSahib has the power to give one the experience of God because it is a Siri Guru. Here is the progression: Guru, the one who tells you the truth of theformula, and Siri Guru, the one who tells you the universality of the formula, the application of the entire applied formula. Siri Guru Granth Sahib alwaystells you what you need to hear in order to be able to rise above the limitations of the particular time and space. Waheguru is the ecstasy of the experienceof the application of the formula. In other words, by doing what the Guru says, you experience the blessing of that.

The Science of Naad and Gurbani

Naad means "the essence of all sounds." All languages contain sounds which relate to one or more of the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and ether.Gurbani is a perfect combination and permutation of sounds relating to all the five elements in complete balance. When Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth GuruNanak, compiled Siri Guru Granth Sahib in 1604, he only put in those banis which were in naad. These compositions were called Gurbani.

When we break up the words, "Siri Guru Granth Sahib," into their naad, the syllables of each word tell the essence of the meaning of Siri Guru GranthSahib. Every word has a naad, and every naad has a combination.

Siri means the entire light of the sun's creativity, Lakshmi. Whatever has been created, whatever is possibly created, shall be created or can be created, iscalled siri.

Guru ("Gu" means darkness, and "ru" means light) means from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge. Guru is one who gives you the technologyto remove your ignorance about something.

Granth ("gra" means knot, "an" means ultimate, and "naath" means owner, master, God) is that which creates the ultimate knot with God. Anything whichcreates the ultimate knot with God is called a granth. Granth is not a book and can never be a book. Sahib ("saa" means light, infinity, and "hib" meansnow) is the totality of here and now.

How Naad Works In Recitation of Gurbani

There are eighty-four meridian points on the upper palate of a human's mouth. One can feel that upper palate with the tongue and experience its differentsurfaces. There are two rows of meridian points on the upper palate and on the gum behind the upper teeth. The tongue stimulates those meridian points,and they in turn stimulate the hypothalamus which makes the pineal gland radiate. When the pineal gland radiates, it creates an impulse in the pituitarygland. When the pituitary gland gives impulses, the entire glandular system secretes and a human being obtains bliss. This is the science.

Gurbani is the combination of the tongue with the meridian points. When you read and recite Gurbani, it stimulates your hypothalamus. It is totallydifferent than any scriptures because Gurbani is made in a scientific way. One who knows the naad, knows the aad, which is the primal creativity. Onewho knows the aad is Parameshwar, the supreme God.

The whole language of Gurbani has the power to make a person divine, just in its recitation, if done correctly. One need not be concerned with themeaning to experience a change in consciousness. Bani has to be understood by the heart, not by the head. There is no power in the head; it is in the heart.The lead is for God and the heart is for you. That is why Guru Gobind Singh asked for the head, and not for the heart. "Whosoever lives with head to Godand heart for self, that prayer is complete." (Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan)

The entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the calling of the Beloved. It is in naad. The following are the daily banis given by Guru Gobind Singh, and which tattvas (element) they relate to:
  • Japji, Shabad Hazare Ether
  • Jaap Sahib, Tavprasad Swaye Air
  • Anand Sahib Fire
  • Rehiras (including Bentee Chaupaee) Water
  • Kirtan Sohila Earth

These banis should be read from the gutkaa (book of banis), so that one does not get engulfed in one's thoughtfulness. They are best read, even thoughone may have them memorized.

Experiencing and Understanding Gurbani

The Guru's Word (Gurbani) is what the Guru spoke. It is the imprint of the essence of God. It is the pathway to God. If the ordinary human being speaksit, it will always elevate him to that state of consciousness of the Guru. The Guru's consciousness is united with God, so the person will automatically getunited with God, if he speaks the same words. It is a scientific and direct way to unite the finite with the Infinite Consciousness. The hypothalamus will getthe same tingling. The impulses of the pituitary will function the same way and get the other glands to secrete also in the same way as it was in the body ofGuru Nanak.

Gurbani is nothing but a total illustrated, facilitated science of naad for human knowledge. It is an individual effort. Read Gurbani in the way Guru says it,and understand it, and you will be in such ecstasy you will not believe it! Concentration on the construction of the word, and the sound is the proper wayto recite Gurbani. As you are creating the sound, the meaning will automatically come to you, now or later. It is just a matter of time and space. You mustlisten to your own construction of the Gurbani. This is the technical way in Naad Yoga.

There are two ways to go about understanding Gurbani. The first is to know the meaning through purposeful study; and the second is to recite it, and youwill automatically understand the meaning intuitively. Gurbani has to be recited with the tongue, through japa. But, when you read meditatively for thepurpose of understanding the meaning, it is okay.

The Power of the Shabad, Gurbani Kirtan, and Nam SimranIn Siri Guru Granth Sahib each shabad has its own individual domain, power, ridhi (worldly riches), sidhi (spiritual power), and nau nidhi (ninetreasures). All occult powers are there. The recitation of shabads gives you the power to redeem the environments. Shabad is a part of the power of God,and when the shabad merges in you, you become God.

The lotus feet of God is the shabad of God. The sound itself will uplift you and take away the disease and sorrow from within you. Meditate on the lotusfeet of God in your heart. The sound of the spirit is the shabad. Decorate yourself with it. Shabad is the fountain of spirit. It will always keep you flowingand growing.

The neutral mind records the shabad, the Truth. When your mind is freaking out, the shabad automatically comes. The shabad has the power to controlyou and your mind. Otherwise there is no way you or your mind can be controlled. Shabad brings inner balance. The power of inner balance is the shabad,and the power of the shabad is inner balance.

When controlled, our minds can create great things, because the power of the mind is also very infinite. When disciplined, it can change the vibrations andthe magnetic psyche of the earth. That is why we come before Siri Guru Granth Sahib and do kirtan (singing of God's praises). Kirtan is to change themagnetic psyche of the universe with those vibrations of the Word of the Guru, the naad, so that we can principally enrich the self in ecstasy.

Nam simran (continuos remembrance of God's Name, of Self) is the preparation for Gurbani. You grind the ground, make the earth ready, and then youdo simran. Simran is gurmantra (mantra given by the Guru). Khalsa is to recite Waheguru, and a Sikh is to recite Sat Nam. Sat Nam can elevate theconsciousness of any person to Infinity, and Waheguru can bring you the experience of that Infinity. Wha means Infinite, he means Thou, and guru meansself. When chanted, it brings you very near God. Sat Nam is a panch shabad (mantra containing five parts). Saa means Infinity, taa means birth, naameans death, and maa means resurrection. Sat Nam is the shabad in which you have superiority over God. God is a slave in the hand of the devotees. SatNam purifies the entire time and space, when you speak it even once; it does not matter when. It is superior self-power of God. God is remembered by Hisactions. Nam simran is a must to prepare for Gurbani to have its effect. It is the complete science of the word and sound. It changes a human's biologicaland psychological metabolism of his body, mind, and soul.

Nitnem: Daily Recitation of Guru's Bani

The following is a story which Siri Singh Sahib ji told at Khalsa Women's Training Camp: "There is a surprising story about my grandmother. She neverspoke in a loud voice. I have never seen that woman offending anybody, and I have never seen a single human being offend her. The respect was so greatthat everyone would settle disputes by Mata ji's decision, without going to court. Whatever she would say, people would accept it as the truth and nothingbut the truth. That reputation and non-offensiveness was built from her perfection of her nitnem, her sadhana and Gurbani.

I am trying to illustrate to you that after a certain age in life, if you do not have nitnem and sadhana, then you will not churn yourself. When milk ischurned, it takes a lot of milk to make a little butter. As milk has to be churned to make butter, like has to be churned. Gurbani works to churn the brainwaves through the hyp0othalmus. You need not be a Sikh. In India, for example, there are a lot of Hindus and Muslims who recite Gurbani. Gurbani is fora person who wants to be graceful, a person who wants to be balanced, and a person who wants to do things by their radiance. A person's presence aloneshould see the job done."

Nitnem in Gurbani gives you a very powerful meditative mind. It gives you the balance required. Energy comes to a person from the head, and the head isthe distributing center through the spine. It is a must that when one reads Gurbani, it be done in the correct harmony and rhythm.

It is compulsory for Khalsa to read all the five banis daily. They were given so that a person's incarnated personality may elevate itself to defend through any negativity or misfortune.

The Sword of Khalsa

The blade of this unique Siri Sahib is made of Damascus steel. The hilt or handgrip is decorated with white gold and diamonds.

It has a portrait of the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh forged in yellow gold and the embellished handle of solid jade and white gold is in the shape of Guru Gobind Singh’s hawk.

The stainless steel scabbard, the sheath that covers the blade, has the entire text of the 10th Master's Jaap Sahib laser-etched in microtype.The Jaap Sahib contains over 3,550 words.

There are six vignettes, three on the back and three on the front. Each vignette is set off with white gold, and precious stones (diamonds and amethysts)

Weapons Master Jot Singh Khalsa (Millis, MA) designed, managed, and built the entire sword. Besides forging the blade and metal work, he also supervised the engraving and finishing work. Jot Singh’s wife, Harbhajan Kaur, collected the many donations that funded the expense of the sword. These donations came from individuals and sangats throughout the entire western hemisphere. The expense of the materials alone is estimated to be $110,000.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Summer Solstice 2006

These are some of the pictures taken during this year's Summer Solstice and our trip to Los Angeles and New Mexico.

In L.A. hotel room munching on Singapore Potato chips.

I am the size of the wheel. Can't find anything like that in Singapore.

Singapore Changi Airport. Ready to fly all the way to America.

Shastar Vidya class at 7a.m. during the Jaap Sahib course in New Mexico.

Dinner in L.A. on the first day we arrived.