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Friday, December 08, 2006

SAMELAN 2005!!!

We always have camps running throughout the year. These occur mostly during the period of June and December. Here are some pictures of last year's December samelan. Every camp has its own essence and fun. For more pictures, visit http://singhsabha.org/CMS/index.php?option=com_rsgallery&Itemid=57.

Rajveer Singh presenting a participant with a gift.

Our medic. He was so well-liked among the female participants that every hour, there will be someone or other reporting sick to him. Picture says a thousand words. Haha!!!

Sewa (selfless service) of washing the dishes. We wanted to inculcate the importance of doing sewa to the participants. Every day, there will be a duty Jatha (group) to do the sewa. Jasdeep Singh (in blue) is sure having alot of fun doing sewa.

Rajvir Singh conducting a meditation class for the participants.

Everyone in deep attention.

And there are some who are just too tired and drained out after a few days. Participant in orange is napping with head done.

And no samelan is complete without GOOD FOOD!!! Some sewadars sitting in pangat. (I am in the orange bana almost at the end of the line.)

Doing langgar sewa.

Participants enjoying the food and having fun chatting.

Four female sewadars enjoying a good meal after a long day. (From left: Mansimran Kaur, Sukhjeet Kaur, Maanprit Kaur & Manprit Kaur (Manno))

Arvinderpal Singh (in blue) and Arvin Singh (in white). My 2 best buddies, friends, brothers. Best fun with them in samelan.

Praji Jasbir Singh at the harmonium with Amrit Kaur at the tabla. Having an inspirational session with the kids.

Arvinderpal Singh in deep thoughts on how to improve the samelan and have it more fun for the kids. He thinks best only with a lollipop in his mouth.

We had a colouring session for the kids. Here, even the Gurdwara Giani was very much interested and engrossed in colouring.

Langgar time!!! I am sure very happy with the food. Rajwinder Singh (in red) posing to feed Rajvir Singh (in white). This is all camera drama.

Phenji Sokhdep Kaur stirring the food in the kitchen. It sure takes alot of energy cooking food for 200 people.

Food tasting competition. Participants at this station were blind-folded and given 5 different foods to taste. They have to identify the correct food after tasting. Participant with most correct guesses wins.

This was roti-making competition. The kids had to design their own roti of any shapes. Best roti won.

Pritpal Singh (Manno's brother), our logistics I/C for the camp. As you can see, he is equipping the loud hailer with batteries.

Arvin Singh (my very good friend and brother) with Phenji Param Kaur. Very dedicated sewadars. Phenji Param is very good with the kids. She can handle all the kids by herself sometimes.

Sukhdev Singh; our discipline master. He can really tell you off in a nice way. (That was a positive comment. Works really well for the mischevious kids.)


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